BLACKPINK opts not to renew individual contracts, YG stocks continue to plummet


BLACKPINK opts not to renew individual contracts, YG stocks continue to plummet

YG Entertainment stocks have witnessed a decline after all four BLACKPINK members announced they would not be renewing their individual contracts.

In recent months, YG Entertainment has experienced fluctuations in its stock prices due to news related to BLACKPINK and G-Dragon, impacting overall interest in the company. Currently, YG’s stock is once again seeing a significant drop after the four BLACKPINK members revealed their decision not to renew their individual contracts with the company.

Specifically, as of now, YG stocks are priced at $36.35, reflecting a 6.39% decrease compared to the previous trading day. South Korean media suggests that unsuccessful negotiations with the four BLACKPINK members regarding individual activities have contributed to the consecutive decline in stock prices.

Despite YG’s announcement in late December about BLACKPINK extending their group contract, the uncertainty surrounding the renewal of individual contracts has raised concerns about the future prospects of the entertainment company.

Currently, Jennie has announced the establishment of her own management company named ODDATELIER, while Jisoo is expected to undertake personal projects under the management of a company led by her brother as the CEO. Lisa and Rosé are anticipated to announce changes in their individual activities soon.

These developments pose a challenge for YG as the company not only loses BLACKPINK but also faces the departure of G-Dragon. This adds further ambiguity to the future of YG Entertainment.

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