Ronaldo Expresses Controversial Views: “The Golden Ball has Lost its Value; Only the Numbers Matter”


Ronaldo Expresses Controversial Views: “The Golden Ball has Lost its Value; Only the Numbers Matter”

Superstar Ronaldo has declared his lack of faith in the Golden Ball and FIFA The Best titles.

In 2023, Ronaldo emerged as the world’s top scorer with an impressive 54 goals. Despite this achievement, it wasn’t sufficient to secure CR7 the Golden Ball or FIFA The Best 2023 titles (both claimed by Messi). The 38-year-old superstar even found himself excluded from the nomination list for these prestigious awards.

Recently honored at the Globe Soccer Awards ceremony (known in Vietnam as the Dubai Golden Ball), Ronaldo shared some noteworthy perspectives. CR7 openly admitted to losing confidence in both the Golden Ball and FIFA The Best titles.

Ronaldo won 3 awards at the Globe Soccer Awards. Photo: IG

“I think those awards have more or less lost their prestige. We have to base it on the performance of an entire season. I say that doesn’t mean Messi, Mbappe, or Haaland don’t deserve it. I simply don’t believe in those awards anymore. I’m not saying that because I was just honored at the Globe Soccer Awards. But the numbers don’t lie. They can’t take away the award for the top scorer of the year from me because it’s an achievement based on numbers.”

Ronaldo in the recent sharing session. Photo: Record

Ronaldo, during a recent sharing session, elaborated on his sentiments. Not long ago, Messi’s controversial win of FIFA The Best 2023 stirred discussions, but Ronaldo expressed indifference.

“I’m used to things like that. Because that’s how those tournaments work. I didn’t even watch The Best awards ceremony. I scored 54 goals; many people said everything was easy because I played in Saudi Arabia. But on a professional playground, scoring goals is not easy, whether you play in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, or Portugal. A goal is a goal. I’m happy to beat Haaland, Mbappe, or Kane in terms of the number of goals scored.”

Finally, Ronaldo reflected on the milestone of 1,000 goals. Currently standing at 873 goals, he remarked, “I am the greatest scorer in football history. Scoring 900 or 1,000 goals does not change things. Before reaching 1,000, I need to reach 900 goals. However, they talk about numbers, 1,000, as if I have almost reached that level. As I shared, I want to enjoy every moment at this time.”

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